Thursday, 6 September 2018

Aircraft For Sale

The RV-12 is now sadly For Sale

(Now Sold)

After all the work put in to building the RV-12 it seems like I will reluctantly have to see it due to financial/personal reasons.
So this is a rare opportunity for someone to purchase an (almost) brand new RV-12
The RV-12 is a very simple and beautiful aircraft to fly (no carb heat, mixture or switching tanks) and low stall speed (43kts). Carrying capacity for two adults, full fuel and baggage. Cruising speed 90-120kts and a low fuel burn.
Ideal for a training aircraft under the newly regulations or just simple and comfortable cheap flying.


First registration 27th May 2018 and currently ~30 hours.
95% parts primed and joining compound (Duralac) used (on rivets panels) where possible. (The missing 5% is for firewall and prebuilt parts etc.)
ROTAX 912 ULS engine.
Removable wings via two quick release pins.
Latest Dynon HDX avionics with synthetic vision/flight planning/aircraft plates and documents/moving map GPS integrated with the autopilot/MODE-S etc.
Due to the new 600kg category, changes allowing Permit aircraft to be used for training and the lack of new permit aircraft that are put up for sale I have been advised to advertise it for 95k or ‘best offer’.
More details/offers can be sent to

Saturday, 4 August 2018

111 First Flights done

First flights done

Well it took a long while to get here but finally everything is in place and good to go. 

After getting the initial permit to test there were a quite a few delays in getting airbourne due to weather and test pilot availability.
Then once the aircraft was ready my license had expired so I needed to revalidate it. This took a few hours but I finally got it sorted.
So finally I had a valid license but with the test flights and my flights the aircraft now needed it's first service (it hit the 25hr mark on my skills test flight).

But finally, after three and a half years I got to fly my own aircraft as P1.
I had a few issues getting the go pro working again after all this time (battery issues and forgetting the SD card etc) but got my first video done this week.
A short trip to the Isle of Wight with another PPL friend Steve. He was interested in how everything works so it is a bit verbose at times but you can skip to ~12minutes for take off.
I'm still getting used to how much this aircraft doesn't want to be on the ground compared to the Robin I used to fly. I need to start my decent's earlier in order to make the final approach better as most of my landings so far have ended up glide approaches with sideslips with a couple of go around's.
Overall the RV-12 is very nice to fly and I'd recommend it to anyone considering a build.

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

110 Second test flights completed

Second test flights completed

The second flights have now been completed successfully with everything working well. After the first flight approximately one third of the oil radiator was taped off due to the temperature being low on the first flight.

A small amount of rudder trim was applied and the stall warner also needed a bit more adjustment. There is still a slight right turn tendency so a bit of aileron trim will be needed.

The flights consisted of 6 landings and an hour and half of flight time. During the flights some more stalls were checked (clean and flaps) and some of the systems were tested (radio distance check, sidetone, autopilot on/off/heading/alt) but mostly this was a second shakedown test. The next flights will contain more specific test schedule items so the aircraft will need to be at MTOW.